Scientific director: Dr. François Sestier
In collaboration with Dr. Georges L’Esperance and Dr. Michel Lacerte

2020, Thomson Reuters.
ISBN 978-2-89730-662-5.

This collaborative textbook covers the medico-legal knowledge that any Quebec medical expert should master at the minimum.  This textbook summarizes the training, offered bi-annually since April 2017, to medical experts, in the week-end workshops called “Expertise 101” by the Insurance and Expertise Medicine program of the University of Montreal. 

The different co-authors of this book with expertise in varying fields covered wide-ranging topics needed to master the art of writing a sound Independent Medical Evaluation (IME).  This textbook covers the following, among many other topics:

The scientific director for this textbook is Dr. François Sestier, a cardiologist at the CHUM and medical expert; Dr. Sestier is a clinical professor of medicine at the University of Montreal and founder of the program of insurance and medico-legal expertise at University of Montreal; Dr. Georges L’Esperance is the co-founder of the French program and Dr. Lacerte is the co-founder of the English program, with Dr. Sestier.

The textbook has several contributing authors. These authors, in alphabetic order, are: Me Julie Belisle. Dr. Pierre Bleau, Dr. André-Nicolas Cojocaru, Dr. Fabien Gagnon, Dr. Gabrielle Grégoire, Dr. Georges L’Esperance, Dr. Michel Lacerte, Me Jean-François Leroux, Dr. Luc Marcoux, M. Pierre Noreau, Dr. Claude Paquette, Dr. Eric Renaud, Dr. François Sestier, Dr. Suzanne Trempe-Gourdeau and Dr. Julie Vezina.

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Material included with the book: